A 12v Portable Air Compressor Is A Must Have

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Running late for an appointment can really start a day off bad but jumping in your car and discovering that your tire had deflated during the night can make it even worse. Even if you have a spare tire in your trunk, this does not help you in getting the help that you need because you cannot drive your car. You could call a garage and pay for a service trip or attempt to change the tire yourself but either way you just missed your appointment.

Saving yourself from the small inconveniences of the day can be avoided by keeping a 12v portable air compressor in your trunk for emergencies just like these. Many portable air compressors also come with a light source to aid you after the sun goes down to avoid wrestling with a flashlight and placing at just the right angle when searching for your tire's small air tube.

Portable air compressors are a lot like owning a pair of scissors or a hammer. You may only need them once in awhile but it would be hard to imagine life without them. Having a 12v portable air compressor may not be high on your priority list but for the low cost and the convenience, why would you live without?

A small 12v portable air compressor typically weighs less than ten pounds and is smaller than a breadbox. Most portable air compressors come complete with an air hose, air gauge and light built right into the unit and some even have a small carrying bag for easy transport. A cigarette lighter or adapter for a plug is all that is required to fill up a vehicle's flat tire. Be sure to check the voltage of your vehicle's amp supply in your manual to make sure that the 12v portable air compressor is compatible.

Portable air compressors are great for camping when you may have rafts, floats or airbeds that require much more air than you can provide from your lungs. When you stop and think about it, there are several items right in your garage that have tires that lose air over the course of time. Wheelbarrows, bicycles, wagons and toys are just a few examples of items that need a burst of air from time to time.

Spotting a lone woman along the side of the road, an employee stuck in the parking lot at 5:00 or a neighbor with a flat tire are also instances where you wish that you could be the Good Samaritan but are unable to help. You would never dream of leaving home without a tire and a jack in the trunk of a car. Why take the chance and leave without a 12v portable air compressor?
Portable air compressors also make great gifts for parents, kids, or friends that you worry about as they prepare for a trip. It is one gift that will not be forgotten once the need is there.
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A 12v Portable Air Compressor Is A Must Have

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This article was published on 2011/01/27