Aftermarket exhausts - make your car breathe easy

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If you hold your nose and do not allow yourself to breathe even for a short while you will not be able to do much else other than to get yourself to release the nose as soon as possible so that you can resume breathing again. And as soon as you release the nose you will gulp in air by the lungful to make up as much as you can for the time that the body was deprived of oxygen. Now since you immediately on the release of the nose took in air it may appear that your need to take in air is more important than to exhale. But of course you need to be able to do both. Even if you fill your air with lungs and then hold your nose briefly you will still feel the same strong urge to release the nose except this time on the release you will first exhale and then inhale.

Similarly you car's engine needs to be able to take in air and take out the exhaust gases efficiently to be able to perform to its true potential. However often people focus only on the bit about taking in air. For example they may help it do that better by going in for a cold air intake. However smooth exit of the exhaust gases without undue build up of the exhaust gases is essential as well. And you can help the exhaust gases to leave faster with the help of aftermarket exhausts.

Aftermarket exhausts make sure the exhaust gases can follow a swift and obstruction free path that lets them leave quickly. This reduces the back pressure and saves the car's engine precious energy required to overcome the back pressure. That leaves more energy to drive your car and you get an improved performance. Often the aftermarket exhausts will add to the style as well by having a final tip that is good looking and not a smoked out pipe. You can choose aftermarket exhausts conveniently by going online. You can compare prices and make a well informed decision. You can see the latest aftermarket exhausts at

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Aftermarket exhausts - make your car breathe easy

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This article was published on 2010/10/13