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Air Curtains or Air doors are Equipment which is used to separating the Outer Door from the Inner Work Atmosphere by Avoiding the Exterior Atmosphere Entering the Work Atmosphere. Insects, dust and Polluted Air are restricted by the Strong turbulence. This way The Cold Air in the Work Place is Kept cold and The Warm Air is Kept Worm.

The Fan Used in the Air Curtains Plays a Major Role in Generating the Thrust to Air Which Reaches the Ground and this Varies from One Air Curtains Manufacturers to other. Industries Require high Face velocity and For Commercial Places eg:- Stores a Low face Velocity is Sufficient.
Non-heated air curtains are often used in combination with cold storage and refrigerated rooms. Airflow through a door depends on wind forces, temperature differences, and pressure differences.

Air curtain are used to accumulate energy by plummeting the heat transfer between two spaces, although a closed and well-sealed physical door is much more effective. A permutation is usually utilized, while the door is opened the air curtain turns on, minimizing air flow from inside to outside and vice versa.
Air Curtains Are a Must for your Industries and Work Places to Keep Your Working Environment Hygienic.

A unique feature of our air curtain is its ABS radial flow fan . Dynamically balanced. These are rigid Light weight , long lasting maintenance free and anticorrosive . This ABS radial flow fans enhance the efficiency of air curtains as they are lighter than the impellers made of aluminum and mild steel. The load on the motor is negligible due to light weight of the ABS Radial Flow Fans rotate at the same speed at the rated RMO of the Motor since the torque loss is negligible. They also maintain uniform output velocity at a low level power consumption.

The Fiberglass Radial Flow Fans rotate at the same speed as the rated RPM of the motor as the torque loss is negligable.Theyalso maintain a uniform output velocity of air at a low level power consumption. Another reason to buy Aircon Air Curtains.

Motor and Capacitor: 1/5th or 1/3rd HP,230V single phase motor for heavy usage. Double shafted with a built in miniature reservoir for lubricants. Specially designed for use in Air Curtains with zero noise level. The motor is encased in a special alloy housing to ensure self cooling. Start and run capacitor ensures smooth starting of the air curtain.
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Air Curtains Manufacturers | Industrial Air Curtain | Pvc Strip Curtains

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This article was published on 2010/12/22