Air Purifiers: More Than Just A Cleaner Air

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One can be blind with normal eyesight. This edge makes air pollutants powerful. Name it; it can be right next to you any moment. These airborne particles linger around in the unseen, silently waiting for you to fall on the bait that is your breathing. The fight against them has gone on for ages, good thing today, air purifiers are made, their purpose never been this important to everyones health.

Parents often wonder why their children acquire lung diseases and allergies in an early age. They have been kept away from outdoor pollutants, since they stay nearly 80% of their time at home. Contrast to the common knowing, a study made by researchers from John Hopkins University says that severe asthma symptoms among children are associated to the increasing levels of indoor particulate matter. The tight seals that we thought would make our home free have never truly made them safe.

With indoor air pollutants becoming a big issue, people now resort to the use of air purifiers. Home and offices are equipped with these to make the breathing clean, since urban living has never guaranteed fresh air. Even if you are staying in an enclosed space, purifiers make you comfortable enough without worries. In a just a purchase, several benefits come in the package.

The main purpose of air purifiers is to eliminate air pollutants and provide a clean breathing air in circulation. Microorganisms, pollen, dust mite allergen and smoke cause diseases and allergies. Volatile Organic Compounds from household products like paints, disinfectants and other cleaning supplies can do irremediable damage to ones health. Keeping a purifier at home or office would reduce casualties and save you from health expenses.

For high traffic areas like offices, air purifiers are a necessity. When people come close in contact and are exposed to a crowd, there is a higher chance of cross-contamination. Even the simplest diseases like colds and coughs are airborne. Air purifiers reduce the chain effect, would provide a harmonious workplace and higher work productivity.

Air purifiers are not only for the air, they are for our food as well. One of the microorganisms that it reduces is the molds. They can be triggered in areas with poor ventilation and humidity. Purifiers prevent food spoilage, and can even prolong the foods life without the mold formation.

Keeping air purifiers is a preventive step, but choosing the right product for you can be very confusing. In the market where different products mean different claims, you can look for the standard of efficiency, the HEPA. HEPA or high efficiency particulate air is a type of filter that meets the standard of United States Department of Energy.
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Air Purifiers: More Than Just A Cleaner Air

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This article was published on 2011/01/12