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Air purifiers are the devices that are used to remove the contaminants present in the air. The polluted air leads to unhygienic environment which causes allergy to some people. Air purifiers are generally good for small children, pregnant ladies, babies and elder people as these people require fresh air around them.

There are many techniques used by the purifiers depending on the manufacturers and the model to purify the air. Alen air purifiers use the best technologies while manufacturing their product to make the air pure and pleasant.

Alen air purifiers absorbs the surrounding air, filters and releases it back to the surrounding thereby purifying the surrounding air. These purifiers are available in different sizes to suit the room size as per the requirement.

According to experts, the air filters needs to be replaced after every six months to get the best results out of these purifiers. Also this replacement action increases the lifetime of the purifier. The air purified by Alen air purifier contains very less amount of air particles to ensure good health to you and your family. As an additional advantage, these purifiers requires low maintenance cost and also they does not require any special cleaning which saves our time.

Alen A350 is a purifier best suited for a place of around 800 sq ft. The width and height of this purifier is 17.48" and 18.5" respectively with a weight of 16 lbs. This machine is designed to work without any noise and also a filter change indicator comes attached to it. This machine comes at an affordable price.

Alen T300 model comes designed to suit a 300 sq ft area. Filter change indicator is available in this model too. This purifier is packed slightly smaller than A350 model. Similarly T100 purifier is built to cover a place of around 125 sq ft. This purifier looks very small and compact with a width of 6" and height of 15". Alen air purifiers come with a life time warranty.

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Alen Air Purifiers

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This article was published on 2010/04/01