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Have you ever thought of the car that uses compressed air instead of fuel? It's air car. An air car has a piston emission free engine, which uses condensed air as a supply of power. You can use the compressed air for this kind of engine.


However, the efficiency of the car is increased through the environmental heat, regular warmth heats the cold air which is expanded from the tank it is stored. With the non-adiabatic enlargement there is a possible, significant increase in the effectiveness of the machine. The exhaustion is only the cold air with a negative of fifteen degrees Celsius that can be used as air conditioning in the car. The supply of the air is forced carbon fiber in a tank that holds the air at three thousand lbf/in2 (20MPa). Air is distributed in the engine through a conservative insertion system; the engine is designed in a special way that enhances the duration in which air charge is heated from the ambient supplies through a process that allows the air that has enhanced heat transfer rates.


Six thousand air cars were to be available in India in the year two thousand and eight in the month of August, so if the car was actually produced, it was to have a reasonable price. The city cat model would clock out in sixty eight miles per hour with a cruising range of one hundred and twenty five miles. Refueling the car is very simple, taking very few minutes if a person lives near a gas station with compressor air units that would cost two dollars. However, if there is no access to a station with the service there is always the available option of plugging in the electric grid, using the cars' built-in compressor that is used to refill the tank in about four hours time. Although the condensed air technology is a way of storing electric energy, without the need of heavy, costly, as well as batteries, which leads to it being an electric car that does not consist of an electric motor.


It is wise to note that the work of compressors is to generate heat; research shows that the very best available commercial compressors are only ten to twelve percent efficient meaning that about eighty eight to ninety percent of the energy contributed is converted into heat directly. This may mean that the amount of air consumption for the energy in the compressors would cost one or one and a half times the amount it was purchased. Some people say that the air car does not exist while there are testimonies of it using zero fuel or gas with a consumption of fifty cents per one hundred and twenty miles. Though the question of whether there are cars that will run on air alone crosses ones mind, there is adequate proof of the notion that it must work together with something like the electric grid and may not be able to work on just air alone.


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An Air Car

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This article was published on 2010/05/19