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Taking Precautions with Certain Air Fresheners
Americans are obsessed with fresher smelling air. This is shown in the billions of dollars that Americans are predicted to spend on air freshener products. Air fresheners cover up bad odors and help to maintain a nice smell to the environment in which it is used. There are instant air fresheners in aerosol spray cans and continuous air fresheners in the form of candles and plug-ins. However, there are specific dangers to air fresheners especially if they are not eco-friendly.

Dont be fooled by the term organic, because there are air fresheners that contain volatile organic compounds according to the Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These are also toxic and can result in damage to the respiratory passage lining. Regular air fresheners can cause headaches, depression and diarrhea in babies. The product is made of synthetic ingredients which are proven to be quite toxic. If you find any member of your family sneezing uncontrollably, you might want to check on what you are spraying in the air.

Using organic air freshener that is oil based is ideal for aromatherapy benefits. They are void of synthetic ingredients and evoke a variety of smells depending on which scent you use. We all have five senses and one of them is smell, which is crucial to our mental welfare. Did you know that smell is able to have an effect on your mood more intensely than any other senses that are directly connected to the brain? Smell is connected directly to the part of the brain that deals with our emotions.

Most individuals find specific smells more relaxing than others. Smell can bring back certain memories as well especially in our homes. Have you been reminded of a family reunion by the smell of your favorite dish being cooked in your home? Air fresheners have that same effect and we are not including synthetic air fresheners that you purchase at your grocery store in this scenario.

If you are good at making things and have the time to do so, you should consider making your own organic air fresheners. All you have to do is mix four ounces of pure water with 120 droplets of essential oil and put the combined mixture in a metal spray bottle. It is simple as that. Be mindful of certain plastics that will leak chemicals into your mixture. The most popular essential oils used for making organic air fresheners are usually citrus scents and floral scents.

It is to be noted and stressed that organic air fresheners are best since it has been reported by the US Environmental Journal that breast cancer is connected with air fresheners and other cleaning products.
A survey was conducted at the Massachusetts Silent Spring Institute on 787 women who had breast cancer and 721 women who did not. They were all between the ages of 60 and 80. The results determined that cleaning products and air fresheners compounded the risk of breast cancer. Using organic air fresheners will ensure an eco-friendly home environment thus lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Other things to consider

Other household products need to be mentioned here as well for toxicity and not being safe for inhaling. Make sure you clean any surface in your home using cloth only made with microfiber and water. Use tea tree oil to remove mold and mildew. They are both non-toxic.

Viable Option
You want to choose a fragrance refills that complies with the guidelines of Chem Tel Enviro-Kleen. There is eco-friendly air freshener that is 100% organic and includes 100% pure fragrance oils condensed in plant fiber scented pads. These will last for approximately sixty days and are made by California Scents. The contact of the product on the environment is minimized because the product is safe to use around humans and pets.

Even though most air fresheners are toxic for the environment, manufacturers are not mandated to provide the chemicals used in the fragrance. So labels may read, mix of perfume oils. However, chemicals in fragrances are important to know about because of the possibility for automatic exposure. Be extra careful when purchasing products that have fragrances because it is hard to detect what is in them. In the long term, the use of toxic air fresheners will result in damage to health. You could be polluting the air in your home by using these types of air fresheners. You can actually lower the air quality in your home with these air fresheners. For more information please Visit:
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California Scents Organic Eco Air Fresheners

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This article was published on 2010/11/17