Cold Air Intake System - An Overview

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An engine is the Heart of a car and the air is its blood. Air is necessary for a complete combustion of fuel. The air intake system in car is itself a pump that increases the velocity of air into the engine. A car with turbochargers and supercharges will perform excellent if a cold air intake system is there in it. It provides cold air for the engine which results in the improved performance and functionality of the car engine. There are mainly three components in an intake system:

1.A Mass flow sensor.
2.An Air filter.
3.And a mass throttle body.

A cold air intake system helps in increasing the power of a car, a truck or an SUV engine by reducing the temperature of the air going into the engine. It increases the amount of oxygen entering the engine which is necessary for combustion along with fuel. The cold air intake system should have efficient filters, the diameter of the air intake must be big enough to take in free flow of air to engine, and its interiors should be smooth so that no intake air is blocked.

The cold air is taken in through cold air intake system usually fitted somewhere beneath the bumper of the car. It works on a simple principle i.e. cold air is denser than warmer air and expands more when it is heated up causing a great combustion in the engine finally resulting in more power with less fuel combustion. The car will run a longer distance for the same quantity of fuel consumed as compared to before without the cold air intake system.

There are many cold air intake systems available in the market and the most commonly used cold air intake systems are the Ram kits, Short Ram kits and Long Ram kits. All these cold air intake systems help in increasing the performance of the car as well as the engine horsepower and the torque. A cold air intake system is guaranteed to provide more horsepower, more performance with minimum fuel consumption.

A cold air intake system also helps in reducing noise thereby reducing the running expense of the car. There are many shapes and designs available of cold air intake systems suitable to fit your car. So what are you waiting for? Go and have a cold air intake system installed in your car too.
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Cold Air Intake System - An Overview

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This article was published on 2010/10/03