Compact Air Purifier - How Convenient is It?

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Compact air purifiers are becoming a big trend. It has been proven that our indoor air quality is up to five times worse than our outdoor air. I don't know about you but I found this fairly shocking. I knew that indoor air could be full of pollutants but I really thought that with all of the vehicle and factory pollution that the outdoors could be much worse. With a little research I learned otherwise. A compact air purifier that can be used in a vehicle and taken anywhere is an excellent accessory to have. Your lungs will thank you and you will find yourself to be a much healthier person.

What are the options for compact air purifiers?

Usually compact air purifiers are smaller and are used in a smaller space/room. Typically it is an air purifier that can easily be carried from room to room or traveled with to a hotel or used on a boat. Many air purifier companies offer a smaller model that is great for these things. Also on the market now are air purifiers that can be used in the vehicle as well.

Here is a list of the top 10 air purifiers on the market right now. They are in no particular order:

  • Blueair 601
  • Oreck Super Air 8
  • Hunter Quietflo 30400
  • Hunter HEPAtech 30375
  • Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP
  • Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra
  • Bionaire BAP 1300 Quietech HEPA
  • Friedrich C-90A
  • Honeywell HEPA 50250
  • Biozone

Other great ones to look for are the Alen air purifier and the IQ Air. Each of the companies listed will offer a compact air purifier. Some larger than others, so it is important to research to find the one that will suit your needs.

Things to watch for when searching for the right compact air purifier:

Price - this can vary by hundreds of dollars


Noise level

Ease of use

Filter replacement costs



There are lots of compact air purifiers and doing a little comparison shopping will help to find the right one for you. Soon enough they will be a permanent staple in everyone's home.

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Compact Air Purifier - How Convenient is It?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03