HEPA Air Purifiers Vs Allergy

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HEPA air purifiers vs allergy is a topic that many people are contemplating. These are made for the express purpose of removing particles and pollutants from the air. Initially the term for these was air cleaners however now days they are referred to as air purifiers. Portable air cleaners are considered by some folk to be the best option. This is because one room at a time can be cleaned. They are very cost effective and reduce the pollution in the room in a big way.

These air cleaners are categorized by their technology. One such technology is negative ion generation. Another kind is electrostatic precipitation. The third kind is Hepa filtration. Certain air cleaners even have a combination of all three of these technologies. Then there are some that are designed to only remove chemicals.

Lastly, there are devices that are made for the express purpose of removing organic compounds, gases, odors, bacteria and fungi. The main advantage of the portable variety is that they are far cheaper than ones for the entire home. Furthermore, these are simply plugged in and this means that expensive installation costs are avoided. Additionally, it is not necessary to hire a contractor when the filters need to be changed. This is easily enough to do at home.

While these are quite compact, they are still very powerful. Spaces as large as fifteen hundred square feet can be cleaned using one of these. As they are economical from a power consumption point of view, they can be left to run twenty-four hours per day.

Portable air cleaners are able to remove an incredible amount of pollutants that are inside the home. Top of the range cleaners with Hepa filter and UV light system are all that is needed to get rid of viruses, spores, bacteria, odors and gases. One needs to asses the kind of contaminates in the home before buying the air cleaner. Next is to assess the size of the room. There is much choice when it comes to looking around for these air cleaners.

Asthma and allergy sufferers should most certainly have these in the home. Some air cleaners will remove the general allergens while others will remove the heavier stuff like gases and chemical compounds. The UV light is responsible for killing off the mold spores and bacteria.

Air cleaners with UV light and Hepa filters are the most powerful and these can be found in nursing homes, government buildings, schools and hospitals. Research has shown that the air is less polluted outdoors than it is indoors. This is due to pets, carpeting, cleaning products, chemicals, dust mites and fungi spores. All of this are very unhealthy for children, especially if they are babies. The elderly can also be adversely affected by this pollution.

Air pollution has been a big contributor to people having allergies and asthma over the last number of years. Having air purifiers in the home will reduce much of the allergens flying around in the home. This is why in HEPA air purifiers vs allergy it is clear to see that air purifiers are needed.
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HEPA Air Purifiers Vs Allergy

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This article was published on 2010/11/24