HEPA Air Purifiers Vs Asthma

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People with asthma live in a world that constantly conspires against them to cause a list of unpleasant symptoms. Smog, pollen, dust, dirt and other particulates in the air can cause an asthma flare-up outside. Inside, things aren't much better, and so many sufferers have tuned in to hear the results of HEPA air purifiers vs asthma.

Whether filtering the air actually helps asthma sufferers depends on what the problem is and how good the filters are at their job. To qualify as a HEPA filter, the air purifier must remove at least 90% of particles of a certain size that go through it. HEPA is actually a type of filter, not a brand, and the acronym stands for high-efficiency particulate air.

HEPA filters may be effective in removing allergens from the air and reducing asthma symptoms, but only in certain situations. If the source of the allergen remains -- i. E. If you are allergic to a pet that lives with you -- then the filter may not help much. For things like removing dust after cleaning or secondhand smoke, they can be quite effective.

The main downside of a HEPA filter is that they can be loud. Using a model designed to handle a larger room and turning down the fan speed can help reduce the noise. Constantly running a HEPA filter can use a lot of electricity, which can cost a fair amount, but the filters generally only help when they are on.

When choosing a HEPA air purifier, there are a few considerations to think about. The size of the filter is important -- it should filter all the air in the room once every four to six minutes. If the purifier does not have that capacity, it is not likely to be very effective. Whether the noise level of the purifier when it works at that speed will be tolerable is also a consideration.

HEPA filters are mechanical, and thus have actual filters in them that need to be replaced. The ease of replacing these filters, how often they need to be replaced, and how much they cost are all important considerations. Also, whether they are easy to locate is a good question to look into.

The price to operate the unit is definitely something to consider. Either researching the question or asking a knowledgeable store about how much it would cost to run the unit all day every day will give you the worst case scenario. If you only run it part of the time, it will cost you less, but if you find it helps, you may want to run it most of the time.

Listening to a unit is a good idea, if possible. Given that it will likely be in a store setting, it can be hard to tell how much noise the fan motor truly makes, but you should try to get an idea. If the fan is too loud for you to sleep, it won't be very helpful during 90% of the time you spend in your bedroom, and is probably a waste of money.

Whether HEPA air purifiers vs asthma is a resolved question depends on who you ask. There is a definite benefit if you live with a smoker, as HEPA filter removes most of the smoke in the air, but they can be less effective in other situations, depending on what the asthma trigger is.
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HEPA Air Purifiers Vs Asthma

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This article was published on 2010/11/29