Honeywell Air Purifiers Review - Is the Honeywell Air Purifier Worth It?

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Is the Honeywell air purifier effective in removing allergens; therefore , improving allergies and asthma. Is this the best home air purifier for the money? After close examination, it becomes obvious that these air cleaners have  many key attributes that can improve your health.  There are many different kinds of units so I focused on a home air purifier, that contained lifetime filters, and cleans the air for the 3 major kinds of air pollutants. 


  1. Lifetime filter - no added cost
  2. Relatively inexpensive to run - energy conservation (always a nice feature with any appliance)
  3. 99% filter of  particulate matter - great way to reduce allergens
  4. Quiet - absolutely necessary for any appliance that will be running 24*7
  5. Easy to clean - no one needs to add work to an already busy schedule
  6. Helps eliminate mold, germs, smoke and odor (percent depends on the specific unit)


Although the Honeywell air purifiers do a good job purifying the air;  there are still some major concerns that need to be addressed and possibly required depending on your home or office.

1.  By using a filter system the air purification will go up and down slickly when the filters get dirty.  Also you still need to clean these filters quarterly.  If you have allergies, it is always advised to wear a mask when changing or cleaning filters because some of the allergens can be irritating just during the maintenance process.  It is recommended to have an air purifier that contains no filters.  The photoionization bulb is a great alternative to traditional filters because  typically you only need to change these 1 time a year plus relatively no allergens are stirred up during the maintenance.  Furthermore, the bulb allows the system to work virtually 100% effectively all the time.

2.  The area that the Honeywell air purifier covers is limited to a small to medium room.  Typically, the coverage was below 200 sq ft for many of the units that were studied.  With this in mind, you'll need to have many air purifiers to cover one home; therefore, you must take this into account when you are calculating total cost and total maintenance (time in this case).  For example, my home is a 2 story home with a cathedral ceiling in a bedroom and family room.  Let's disregard the high ceilings for now and see how many Honeywell air purifiers my home would require just calculating the number of units is roughly equal to the number of rooms in my home: it would need over 14 units (that doesn't cover hallways where my children play on the floor or stairwells).  This presents an even bigger dilemma when the home has a cathedral ceiling.  This will throw the overall sq footage into a totally different realm. Sq footage is not just 2 dimensional:  it is 3 dimensional. 

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Honeywell Air Purifiers Review - Is the Honeywell Air Purifier Worth It?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31