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The typical owner of a non commercial air compressor may not realize the importance of keeping their unit properly maintained. It is an important investment and care should be taken to keep it in good running order. Air compressor servicing should be a part of the yearly maintenance schedule.

It is important to start off on the right foot as an air compressor owner. Prior to the purchase of an air compressor, it is important that the apparatus be of a recognized standard. It is recommended that when looking to buy an air compressor it is ASME certified to ensure quality materials and workmanship.

Taking certain preventative measures helps to keep the air compressor in good running order. The first feature that an American Society of Mechanical Engineers certified compressor will have is a safety valve that enables automatic release of air to maintain proper air pressure. This should be checked and cleaned regularly for clogging or corrosion.

Gauges are important because they help the user to keep track of the vital signs of the equipment. Many people may not realize that every tool and job has its own pressure and volume requirement. Paying attention to the oil level sight glass, tank pressure gauge and pressure regulator and gauge are extremely important.

The oil level should be checked regularly to make sure proper lubrication is taking place. One should use a properly grounded outlet with three prongs. Proper use of the apparatus should be learned and followed so keeping the manual handy for periodic checkups is recommended.
After use, the motor should be shut off, the unit unplugged, and the regulator valve turned off. The air should be bled out of the hose, the tool removed and the regulator opened to bleed air from the tank. If it is a quick connect system, the hose must be removed to bleed the air from the tank or the air must be bled through the drain cocks.

After storing the hose on a hose rack which protects the air hose, the drain cock should be opened and left open to release any moisture build up.

Routine overhaul maintenance is recommended. There are many companies that will keep the air system in excellent shape with preventative maintenance services. Part of the service includes replacing any parts that are worn. A check should also be done to ensure that the correct parts, coolant and filters are used to avoid expensive repairs at a future date. If servicing is done regularly, much more pleasure will be derived from using the unit and the cost to repair will be kept at a minimum. Those DIY jobs will get done and senses of great satisfaction will the end reward.

The simplest advice that can be provided when buying a compressor is to do your research and ensure that the equipment you buy is sufficient and has all the basic metric requirements for tasks you wish to undertake. Independent advice is freely available from suppliers and should be the first port of call.
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How To Service Air Compressor

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This article was published on 2011/03/30