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The IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier is a High Finish air purifier. It is great for small houses and businesses which have occupants that suffer from extreme Allergic reactions and Asthma. This is the large brother of the IQAir HealthPro Air Air purifier, the differences being that this Air Purifier additionally presents a chemical and odor-trapping filter generally known as the V5.
The V5 Cell is a really complex filter which makes use of a 5-chamber filtration system; each section has activated aluminum and carbon to assist seize a wide range of gaseous contaminants and odors. The filter replacements are recognized to be a bit expensive however final for a pair years.
It is a industrial degree purifier, used additionally in hospitals and pc clean rooms. Indoor pollution is 4 to a hundred times worse than open air because of pet dander, mud mites, mildew, and just total situations of people residing in an enclosed area.
Some Essential Factors of this technique are:
Allergen control • Mildew spore control • Pet dander control (cat, canine, etc.) • Home dust mite allergen control • Pollen management
Mild Molecular control • Risky Organic Compound (VOC) management • Molecular (gaseous chemical) management
Light odor control • Pet odors • Musty odors • Cooking odors • Paint odors
Complex air pollution management • General indoor air air pollution control • Gentle tobacco smoke control
The Cons of the system should not part of its efficiency but more so its size and noise level. The unit is just not huge but a bit bulky compared to most in house air purifiers. It also could be a bit loud on the best setting. Not very handy in a room the place you are trying to talk on the cellphone or watch TV somewhat quietly. After all these are small considerations if you're looking for something to maintain you space away from allergens and asthma causing particles.

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IQAIR Air Purifier Review

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This article was published on 2010/10/14