One Minute Ozone Air Purifier Review

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What are the considerations for and against buying an ozone air purifier? In just one minute, let me reveal the most important ones.

The entire basis for air cleaning claims made for the ozone air purifier lie in ozone's ability to react chemically with virtually anything it comes in contact with. Manufacturers claim that the air can be cleaned of gases, odors, particulates and microorganisms through the action of ozone.

However, not only have these claims not proven out under scientific test but the exact opposite has been shown. Ozone can actually make the air more polluted and with particles of even greater toxicity than the original contaminants.

Ozone does react with the chemicals and particulates in the air as claimed. But this does not result in total destruction of the pollutants as manufacturers would have you believe. Rather, it breaks pollutants down into another form of pollutant. Scientists have shown that these byproducts can be carcinogenic.

Also, any test in which ozone was found to be effective required such high levels as to be potentially fatal. This is why fire restoration companies use ozone generators for smoke odor removal but only under circumstances where no person or animal is exposed. Hotels also use ozone generators to remove smoke odor from rooms but only when unoccupied and with complete airing out via open windows afterward.

For home use, an ozone air purifier is a poor choice. You either must run it at safe low levels with little effect, or on high levels where the concentrations are dangerous. And since ozone breakdown products actually increase particle counts in the air you're really just making matters worse. Better to simply open a window.

Their really is little advantage to an ozone air purifier unless you're attempting smoke odor removal after smoking or a fire. A car detailer may use one to remove bad odors in a vehicle. But as a continuous use air purifier that produces clean healthful air it's of no value.

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One Minute Ozone Air Purifier Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/30