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The Rabbit air purifier has been constructed to remove all kinds of pollutants from the indoor environment. The purifier works to ensure that all kinds of harmful pollutants floating in the closed space are eliminated effectively. The idea is to pure the environment in the best possible way to prevent any diseases. As the air is full of dust, mold, bacteria and germs, the work of the Rabbit air purifier is to cleanse the air from any pollutant that can prove to be a risk to health. The Rabbit air purifier aims to create a safe living environment for its customers, providing them with optimum appliances to suit their needs.

History of Rabbit Air Purifier

The Rabbit Corporation was established in 2004. Ever since its creation, it has produced superior quality HEPA air purifiers to suit the needs of their customers. The aim of the company was to remove all kinds of allergens and pollutants from the air: their claim is that 99.7% pollutants are removed from the air with their units. The organization is set in Los Angeles and has a wide range of products to choose from. Though relatively new, Rabbit air purifier has made its mark in the market for air purifiers.

Features of Rabbit Air Purifier

The rabbit air purifier is like all other purifiers in its quest to cleanse the air from pollutants that can prove to be a health risk. However, the purifiers are built by special technicians who are also responsible for providing a technical support on the 24-hour helpline set by the Rabbit cooperation. The purifiers are also available in various designs, ensuring that their products are not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing to their customer.

How to Choose a Rabbit Air Purifier

The Rabbit air purifier comes in two kinds, the BioGS and the MinusA2 air purifier. The BioGs is constructed for improving the general quality of the air by removing dust and household odors. The MinusA2 is for more specific needs as it specializes in removing the odors that are commonly found indoors. This includes the smell of cigarettes and mold. The MinusA2 is also made to protect children and elderly individuals from suffering from the various health risks to which they are susceptible, This Rabbit air purifier is also made to control pet allergies and other kind of severe allergies, thus while the BioGs is for ordinary use, the MinusA2 is for a thorough cleansing of the air

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Rabbit Air Purifier

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