Selecting A Camping Air Mattress

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When you go tent camping, you dont have to rough it to prove anything to anyone. You should have the right camping equipment to make the camping trip enjoyable. The right equipment includes what you plan on sleeping on.

Going camping doesn't mean you have to sleep on the ground. Even the Army issues you a pad to sleep on. Some of the options for something to sleep on are: foam pads, thin pads used mainly for backpacking, and air mattresses. With the improvements in technology over the past few years inflatable air mattresses offer a great sleeping option for a good night's rest.

You owe it to yourself to get a good night's sleep. You'll be active during the day hiking, swimming, or fishing, and other activities. These activities will be a lot less fun if your back hurts or you're sore from lying on a rock or tree root.

Inflatable air mattresses in the past would go flat before the night was through, and was often plastic, so you could feel the plastic through a sheet on a hot night making it hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Now air mattresses have a soft covering on one side, which makes them much more comfortable. They're also a lot less prone to losing air. Most come with an air pump that will inflate them in just a few minutes.

The size of inflatable air mattress to get will depend on the space you have available in your tent. If you have a cabin tent, you can fill the sleeping areas with the air mattress, but if you have a dome tent, you'll want to have room around the air mattress to walk around and store things.

There's something out there for every price range, but you pay for what you get. You can really set the amount you're willing to pay and then see what you like in that price range. You'll have many options to choose from.

All you need to do is set-up your tent on a relatively flat area, bring in your air mattress, unfold it in the space you'll be using it, turn on the air pump and wait just a few minutes for it to inflate. Make sure you have a battery operated pump for tent camping.

Another nice thing about these newer inflatable air mattresses is that you'll also be able to use them as an extra bed at home when you have company. If were visiting family or friends for an overnight stay or a longer visit, well bring our inflatable air mattresses to make things easier for our hosts.

Camping is a great activity for those who enjoy the outdoors. An inflatable air mattress makes sleeping in your tent as comfortable as possible considering youre in the outdoors. Theres no need to bring pieces of foam rubber, which take up a lot of room in your car or pick-up. These inflatable air mattresses fold and store in a compact package, taking up little room. Check out the dimensions and weight and youll see what I mean.
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Selecting A Camping Air Mattress

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This article was published on 2010/12/09