Startling Info On The Difference Between Air Oasis Air Purifiers Vs HEPA Systems

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Although the perfect home would have air as fresh and clean as the home itself this is rarely the case and air purifiers have long been felt to be the best answer to dirty air in a clean home. However it is not always easy to sort out which type of air purifier will perform best and most efficiently especially when contaminants in the air are of great concern. The purpose of this discussion is to objectively examine the difference between Air Oasis Air Purifiers VS HEPA systems.

HEPA filters are among the first air filtration systems felt to be effective in cleaning the air in a home. In the early days these purifiers required frequent cleaning of the traps and the filters. HEPA purifiers work by drawing air in, cleaning it and then releasing the filtered air back into room in order to be effective in large spaces these purifiers require powerful fans.

Practically speaking that means these systems will need a fan to draw air in and expel it after being filtered. Stronger fans will normally be noisier which is one objection many people have with HEPA filters. Filters do not need to be changed nearly as often as they did early on but still the owner of the system will have to clean out the system and change out the filters leading to exposure to the very allergens and contaminants the HEPA filter was designed to remove. On the positive side these filters can be affordable to purchase and cleaning has been reduced a lot.

Air Oasis air purifiers operate using UV and ozone as cleaning agents, which at very low levels are effective and yet safe for home use. Contaminants in the air are not necessarily completely removed but neutralized leaving the air clean and even sanitizing surfaces touched by the UV. There is no fan required which means that this air purifier will be very energy efficient and quiet.

While ozone is highly effective in cleaning the air when combined with UV it can even help to sanitize surfaces touched by the energized air particles. That means it can break up odors and unlike HEPA filters, reduce or eliminate viruses molds, chemicals and allergens in the air. While others may resort to air fresheners to disguise odors the owners of this system rely on the system itself to neutralize odors and leave the air smelling fresh.

An advantage of HEPA purifiers can be very affordable, however this is not a firm rule, and some models can be very expensive. One of the prime disadvantages is that these purifiers are limited in the type of contaminants they will take care of and are ineffective on smoke and chemicals. Air Oasis purifiers are quiet and sanitize not only air in the home but the surfaces that energized air comes in contact with, and maintenance is limited to a battery change every five years. The only disadvantage that comes to mind with this purifier is that large particles in the air require a separate filter to remove.

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Startling Info On The Difference Between Air Oasis Air Purifiers Vs HEPA Systems

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This article was published on 2010/12/16