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A static air freshener has a frame formed of or with plastic beads impregnated with a scent or aroma. The rate of release of the scent is controlled by the area of the frame to define the useful life of the air freshener. An insert may be place in a void defined by the frame. The insert has a thematic image that may be correlated to a thematic image on the header card of a bag or sack sized to contain the air freshener for positioning at or on the point of sale device.

Air fresheners for use in vehicles are known. They are constructed to release a selected smell, odor or scent into the interior of a closed space (e.g., the passenger compartment of a vehicle) over a particular time or useful life. A widevariety of air fresheners are available which allow the user to select a particular scent and shape.

Typical air fresheners have a scent-containing portion which is inserted into a frame. U.S. Pat. No. 5,823,432 (Hogan) discloses an air freshener in the shape of selected articles of clothing for visual display. U.S. Pat. No. 5,853,672(Lorman, et al) shows an air freshener that has a fan for stimulating air circulation. The fan is activated when the driver steps on the brakes and is deactivated upon release or removal of the foot from the brake pedal.

Other air fresheners for use in homes of all sizes and shapes are also known. U.S. Pat. Des. No. 461,885 (Jordi) discloses a wall plug air freshener. U.S. Pat. Des. No. 432,023 (Fox) shows a clock air freshener.

Some air fresheners that are static (no moving parts) have a frame and an insert which is made of an absorbing material which is typically a non woven material. That is, the inserts may be made of a porous fiber board which does not acceptprinted images very well. On porous fiber board, the ink runs so that images are typically blurry. Upon placement of the air freshener in a desired location, the scent, aroma or smell impregnated into the absorbing material migrates into the air so theuser may enjoy the scent, aroma or smell. Because such air fresheners cannot accept ink, they in turn are not good substrates for printing images thereon. Further, such air fresheners have a limited life because the amount of scent, aroma or smell thatcan be impregnated is limited by the thickness and absorption characteristics of the insert.

A static air freshener has a frame shaped to define a void or a space surrounded by or encompassed by the frame. The frame has at least one side member which is formed from scented plastic beads. A slot or groove is formed in the side member. The slot is oriented toward the space or void. An insert is sized to fit within the void and frictionally engage the slot or groove to retain the insert in the void or space.

Preferably, the insert is made of a non woven material which is substantially rigid. Even more preferably the frame is formed of one side member which is circular in projection. An attachment means may also be attached to or formed with theframe for attaching the static air freshener to a support.

In a preferred configuration, the attachment means includes an eye structure unitarily formed with the frame. The eye structure has an aperture sized to receive a line which may be threaded there through. The line has a length selected forsecuring the frame to a support.

In an alternate and preferred arrangement an air freshener unit has a bag. The bag has an opening to receive a static air freshener. The bag is foldable to form a crease proximate the opening. The bag is made of a material which inhibits theflow of air there through.

The air freshener unit includes a header card positioned over the crease of the bag and is secured to the bag to hold the crease and thereby form a seal. The header card has a first graphic image formed thereon based on a first theme.

The air freshener unit includes a frame sized for positioning in the bag. The frame is formed from at least one side member and defines a space or void surrounded by the frame there within. The frame is formed from scented plastic beads. Aslot is formed in the side member oriented toward the space. An insert is sized to fit to frictionally engage the slot to be retained in the space. The insert has a second graphic image formed thereon selected to express the theme of the first graphicimage.

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Static air freshener

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