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l Introduction

Cabin special circumstances, narrow space, personnel-intensive, the process of flying height from the outside environment into the air to cabin pressure, temperature and other parameters in the appropriate range. Crew's metabolism, equipment operation, material release and high-altitude environment from the introduction of outside air, the air inside the cabin will become very complex components, in addition to containing a major air and nature, but also contains a large number of inorganic contaminants and organic pollution material.

Information indicating that a long time, passengers and crew have been complaining about air quality in passenger aircraft, generally reflect the existence of fatigue, dizziness, headaches, ear disease, dry eye and throat pain, and even occasional nervous system dysfunction and even loss. To save energy, the future of passenger aircraft require a higher rate of air recirculation, cabin air quality will be worse, today's aircraft, air purification device can not effectively solve this problem, the introduction of a new air purification technology.

Writer for the existing passenger aircraft cabin air quality problems, a new cabin on Photocatalytic air purification system, and discuss its application in the passenger plane in the future.

2 Cabin Air Purification System Introduction

For Cabin for pollution control methods are three kinds: a. Through the engine bleed air, diluted with fresh air outside the cabin; b. Air purification equipment removal; c. Combination of two methods. Purifying the air as shown in Figure 1.

Current domestic and international passenger aircraft in service mainly depend on external fresh air through high efficiency Filter To control the cabin pollutants; Boeing 767 aircraft have been some improvement the first three kinds of test methods used to control pollution in the cockpit, the high efficiency filter / activated carbon (itepa / ac) Compound installed in the recirculation of air purification devices on the pipeline in order to purify the recycling of cabin air recovery, a part of purified air directly to the cargo hold, the other part of the environmental control system (ecs) supply of fresh air mixture sent to the cabin; cabin air quality requirements on a high, direct use of the environment control system provide fresh air. The shortcomings of the composite device is: a. High efficiency filter resistance big fan of the power to increase the recycling of high energy consumption; b. Activated carbon purification devices are bulky and cumbersome, there is regeneration of activated carbon, and high maintenance costs.

3 Cabin new air purification system

Order to overcome the high efficiency filter / activated carbon purification equipment inadequate, the author proposes a new air purification system based on Photocatalytic (see Figure 1). Replaced with a general filter efficiency filter to reduce drag; with Photocatalytic air purifier replacement carbon adsorption unit.

Photocatalytic air purifier can not only effectively remove organic contaminants, but also the microbial purification of the cockpit to replace the high efficiency filter, high efficiency, small size, light weight, resistance and wide application, is ideal for on passenger aircraft.

3.1 Photocatalyst Air Purifier

Shown in Figure 2, the new nano-tio composite photocatalytic air purifier is a catalyst supporting body formed with tio light through holes in the multi-layer structure with honeycomb-style air cleaner overall. To improve the photocatalytic efficiency, in between each layer structure of multiple UV lamp installed to ensure that air pollution exposure and Photocatalyst large enough surface area, efficient use of photons.
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The Cabin On Photocatalytic New Air Purification System - Filtration And Separation Industry

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The Cabin On Photocatalytic New Air Purification System - Filtration And Separation Industry

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