The Three Devils of the Planet Earth

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The Planet earth comes under the galaxy called Milky Way in the universe. This galaxy consists of many other heavenly bodies. But life is possible only on the Planet earth as it has the correct amount of oxygen and is situated at the right distance from the sun.

As Planet earth is the only planet that supports life here there are a huge number of populations. This population creates a lot of pollution. There are mainly three types of pollution - Water pollution, Air pollution and Land pollution.
The above three are the Three Devils of the Planet earth. The Planet earth is being ruined by these Three Devils. People knowingly or unknowingly produce a lot of carbon mono oxide from their cars and other gadget which when reaches in the sky becomes the cause of air pollution.


"The term air pollution means pollution caused in air due to some or the other mean."

Disadvantages of Air pollution-

There are many disadvantages of Air Pollution. Some of these disadvantages are:-

1. If there is immense of carbon mono oxide in the air then that may cause respiratory problems.
2. Even our environment gets disturbed by such a polluting effect.

Not only are these but there more hazardous effect of air pollution. One should work for the prevention of this pollution.

Points that we should keep in mind to prevent air pollution are-

1. The chimneys of house and factories should be high enough so that there smoke does not pollute the environment.
2. Monthly servicing of automobiles.
3. Prefer walking than taking taxi for small distances.


"The term water pollution is related to the polluted water."

Disadvantages of Water pollution-

1. If a child drinks impure water then he/she may get some serious disease.
2. The water is not fit for regular works.

Therefore, to avoid such hazardous effect of water pollution the points that one should remember are-

1. Never open your drainpipes towards the river or pond.
2. Keep your drinking pots clean and closed.
3. The factory waste has to be drained properly to the sea.


"The term land pollution is used to denote our polluted mother nature lap."

Disadvantages of Land pollution-

1. Increase in mosquitoes and many more insects.
2. Home for disease like typhoid, jaundice, malaria etc.

These health hazardous diseases are to be stopped or else there would be no sign of human race. Therefore, to prevent the human race the following points are important.

1. Use the dustbin wherever you are.
2. Do not litter your surroundings.
3. Never let water collect around your house.

"If you want that your children may see the beautiful world that you saw then you yourself have to work to make it like heaven."

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The Three Devils of the Planet Earth

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This article was published on 2010/04/18