What You Should Know About Air Cooled Chiller

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The use of machine to control our working environment as well as homes is increasingly gaining popularity. This is especially so considering the current global warming being experienced in the world. There are many companies that have invested a lot of money as well as other resources to develop cooling systems. With the growing technology more sophisticated equipments are being developed for this purpose. Air cooled chillers are less energy efficient than those operated by water. However the low cost for purchasing as well as low maintenance costs is making Air cooled chiller more popular.

The primary duty of such chillers is to cool the air around them thus are mostly used for large scale commercial use as well as industrial use. What happens basically is that the chilled water is injected into the surrounding whose temperature needs to be lowered. It absorbs the heat from the surrounding environment and cools it to required temperatures. The water gains heat and evaporates into vapour. The vapour is forced into a small area to increases its pressure. Here the devices called air cooled vanes assist the vapour to condense back into liquid giving off its acquired heat to the surrounding just like the car radiator. This liquid goes back into the system and the whole process restarts.

Outdoor air-cooled chiller is one type of air cooled chiller in use. It is usually installed indoors and the cooling system is by means of axil flow fans. The advantages of these type of cooling system is the relatively cheap price of buying as well as possibility of using any free space for the installation even the ceiling. There are also makes or even modification that can be used to reduce the noise produced for instance propeller blade configuration and even propeller speed reduction.

Indoors air cooled chiller is another type that requires also indoor installation. The main advantage of this one is its hidden installation in that there is no outside fitting. The cooler can also work all year round at any outside temperature. The main disadvantage is it requires sufficient space for installation and an extra ventilator cost.

A double-acting chiller is another one that can be designed to operate in cool mode as well as heated mode by means of a heating pump. This makes it ideal not only for cooling the air within the room when it is high but also heat the room when the temperatures are too low.

This piece of technology is being utilized mostly in industries to cool running engines. This is because the engines run for long hour with some even running for 24 hours and therefore their temperatures may rise to very high level that will damage some parts. To take good care of your machines and ensure that they have a longer life span then the use of Air cooled chiller is mandatory. This will also ensure that you minimize repair and maintenance which is usually costly. With the current economic hardships this is the way to go for the person who wants to protect his or her business.

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What You Should Know About Air Cooled Chiller

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What You Should Know About Air Cooled Chiller

This article was published on 2011/10/31